The kingdom Animalia contains thousands of very different species belonging to various phyla and classes. The animal kingdom is diverse containing over 2 million different species. When you think of animals, you probably picture elephants, lions, tigers, and other large mammals. The animal kingdom is so much more. The mammals are only a small fraction of the total animal kingdom. What is an animal? With so many different animals, it is difficult to imagine they have anything in common.

There is a list of requirements to be considered an animal:
  • Animals are multicellular, with specialized parts
  • Animals are heterotrophs, so must eat to obtain energy
  • Animals require oxygen for their metabolism
  • Animals sense and respond to their environment
  • Animals have the capacity to reproduce sexually
As you navigate around the Pioneer Virtual Zoo, we hope you will broaden your understanding of what animals are and how vast their kingdom really is.

The Pioneer Virtual Zoo is in the process of adding the 2010 additions to the zoo. We should have 180 new animals in the zoo, so check back to see if you favorite is there.
  • 20 Sponges
  • 20 Cnidarians
  • 23 Flatworms
  • 6 Round worms
  • 18 Segmented Worms
  • 22 Mollusks
  • 69 Arthropods
  • 16 Echinoderms
  • 275 Chordates
For a total of 566 animal exhibits created by the 7th graders of Pioneer Middle School. To test your Phylum Knowledge Click Here.