Common name: Florida Bog Frog

Scientific name: Rana okaloosae


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum:  Chordata

Class: Amphibian

Order:  Anura

Family: Ranidae

Genus: Rana

Species: R. okaloosae


The Rana okaloosae, otherwise known as the Florida bog frog, lives in western Florida near or in shallow seeps with somewhat of acid water with a ph level of 4.1 to 4.5. Also along shallow boggy rivers or overflowed seepage streams. So they live near the water.


Males are from 34.8 to 45.8 mm long and the females are from 38.2 to 48.8. Weird that the female is bigger than the male don’t you think. These frogs can be identified by their dark green or brown green back. Also a black belly and yellow throat it also can have light spots of the lower jaw. The tadpoles are an olive brown coloration and have buff spots on the tail.


There reproduction is not yet known about because this frog is limited to western Florida and it was discovered only 32 years ago but what scientists do know is that they lay black eggs near the surface of the water in thin grass or weeds. No one knows how long they live or what they eat but scientists think they eat what all other frogs eat spiders, insects, other small frogs.


One of the things that most interests  me the most is that this frog has only a little information because it was found only 32 years ago know that seems like a lot but not really because there only limited to the shallow seeps in western Florida so a lot of people can’t study then. Also another thing that interested me was that the female was bigger than the male because if I think of a girl and boy I just commonly think that the boy is bigger and taller that is another thing that interested me.


I learned that the R. okaloosae also known as the Florida bog frog is very interesting because there is limited amount of them in the world and they are only in Florida in overflowed rivers or by the water in the moist ground. Also that nobody knows about them like you say frog and you think of the frog in your backyard, but when you say R. okaloosae or bog frog, people say what in the world that is. What I’m trying to get at is that what interested me and what I just noticed is when you see a frog in our pool, well there is thousands of species of frogs that are way different than that one type of frog.


Author: Jonathan O

Published: 02/2010 




Photo Credit:

Suzanne L. Collins