Water Well Photos
Below you will find documents regarding the Project Feasibility Meeting held on 11/28/2007.  The meeting was held to inform the public of the proposed capital improvements to the Pioneer Union Elementary School District  water system to enable the water system to meet domestic water standards.
Water Well Project Update:
The water well and water distribution project was completed during the summer of 2011 and was in full operation in the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year supplying Pioneer Elementary School with water testing out at an arsenic level of only 7 ppb which is below the Federal standard of 10 ppb! We are very pleased and proud to provide this water to our students, staff and guests at Pioneer Elementary School.
Additionally, we are now prepared in case of any type of fire/emergency at the school site or in the community of Grangeville with our new 180,000 gallon water tank and distribution system which includes 4 fire hydrants.
Thank you to the community and staff of Pioneer Elementary for your patience as we finally completed this 6 year long project--overcoming many challenges, obstacles, and funding changes along the way!
Diane J. Cox